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FESt. 2024
april 6th

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Upcoming Events

hAmaro Fest.
A Free one day community event for the public

Saturday April 6th, 2024
Venue: Central Market North
4001 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

Time: 2:00 to 8:30pm
Central Market will be cooking up a special Eastern European Romani Dish
Wear your colorful Romani (Gypsy) outfit if you wish and come enjoy food, drinks, live music and culture under the beautiful Texas Spring skies.
 Games, painting and more for kids.
There will also be an Indian Gypsy Kalbelia folk dance workshop and Eastern European Romani dance workshop for those interested in learning. 

about hamaro fest.

hAmaro Fest.

hAmaro fest. celebrates the beauty of Romani-(Gypsy)-India Texas music and culture. 

We reunite the Romani and Indian people and cultures through the arts, creating workshops, concerts and educational programs


The fest focuses on educating the genearl public about the history of the Romani people whose history and heritage goes way back to India from where their migrations began around the 10th century, arriving in Europe in the late 14th century.  The Romani people were mistaken for being from Egypt by the Europeans from where the term "Gypsy" originates.There were many other myths and misbeliefs over the centuries that lead to severe persecutions of the Romani people including slavery in the Balkans and Nazi holocaust The Roma to the present day remain a deeply misunderstood community around the world. .

Hamaro fest. 2024

        2:00 Romani DJ music for public dance

        2:40 Sargam Indian School of Dance

        3:10  Samspara Indian School of Dance

        3:40 Melissa Herrera  - Mexican Romani song writer

        4:15  Feherlo Gortva & Shams Band - special guest Sonia Seeman - Romani music of

                Romania, Hungary and Turkey

        5:00 Mumal Joshi and group - rajasthani Kalbelia Indian Gypsy Folk Dancers   

        5:45 Colin Hancock & Joymakers - African American Romani Jazz. 

        and other amazing Romani acts .........

         7:00 Ala Rada Romani Belly Dance

         7: 15 Oliver Rajamani Indian/Romani

         7:45 Via Romen Eastern European Romani




        3:30 Indian Kalbelia Gypsy dance workshop in the park

        4:30 Kids activities in the park

        5:30 Eastern european Romani Dance Workshop in the park


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